The teacher in the 21st century classroom

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The History of My Interaction with Technology

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fb photoI take it as a blessing to be in the transition period going to the digital age. I am proud to say that I learned the conventional processes before the ‘high-tech’ way of doing things. This way, I can function well in both circumstances – with or without the computer technology. I have also witnessed the progress that took place. I thought it was kind of cool! But I have to admit I am not as techie savvy as the younger generation but I can understand and catch up with them. I enjoy the computer technology that we have now. In my opinion, this is a good tool in relating to today’s learners, and to facilitate and maximise learning. As educators in this digital age, I think it is very important to impart values to our learners concerning human relationships. Humans above all is more important than machines and softwares. Take advantage of this ‘high’ technology in building strong and positive relationships and not to destroy and divide.

Answered Prayer

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After reading the devotion below, I realized that I interpret prayer the wrong way. Almost always I mention the term ‘answered prayer’. I thought it is a good way to share what God has blessed me with. This devotion said that Jesus never taught that prayers are sometimes unanswered. He is saying that prayers are always answered but not in accordance to our nature but in His’, because we asked it in His name anyway. 😊

Have some time to read the devotion below and be enlightened just as I did. God bless! 😄


Our Lord in his teaching regarding prayer never once referred to unanswered prayer; He said that God always answers prayer. If our prayers are in the name of Jesus, that is, in accordance with His nature, the answers will not be in accordance with our nature, but with His. We are apt to forget this, and to say without thinking that God does not always answer prayer. He does every time, and when we are in close communion with Him, we realize that we have not been misled.

Whenever we stop short in prayer and say—“Well, I don’t know; perhaps it is not God’s will,” there is still another stage to go. We are not so intimately acquainted with God as Jesus was, and as He wants us to be.

Reflection Question: Am I close enough to God to recognize His answers to prayer?

Quotations taken from If You Will Ask and My Utmost for His Highest, © Discovery House Publishers

Joy During the Lean Days

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I was asking myself why there is no joy in me?
From all the blessings I experienced for the last few days, why the joy did not last long? I am not feeling the joy inside extending till today.

Then, it occurred to me, that does mean my joy is dependent on the blessing and not on the giver of the blessing?

Psalm 105:19
Until the time came to fulfil his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.

I am awakened with the thought that God will do everything as He wills and I trust that He is good. He will not harm me nor forsake me. Everything is for His grand purpose. So bring it! 🙂

Joy during the lean days is very hard. But this experience lets me focus to the giver of the blessing instead. To bring the joy back, why don’t we count our blessings and name them one by one. 🙂

Jesus Loves Me

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“So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. (Matthew 6:31-33 NLT)

Ministry partners, I can’t help but share to you my experience this past week. Less than 500 na lang kasi ang pera ko hanggang end of January so hangga’t maari sa bahay ako kumakain. Alam nyo naman po yung All His Conference? Naka-attend ako nun. Wala palang lunch na kasana dun. Ok, so sa mura lang ako kakain. Yung first day, yung sister ng ka-dgroup ko ang ngbayad ng lunch. E walang barya sa 500 ko (hehe) so di na ako pinagbayad. 😊 May dessert din treat naman nung ka-dgroup ko. Libre pa yung jeep ko palabas ng edsa kasi nakasabay ko naman ka-D12 ko. Praise God! 🙂 The next day, naka-attend na din yung isa pang ka-dgroup ko. Sya na daw sagot ng lunch namin. Praise God talaga! No expense for 2-day lunch! Bago pa nyan, may nagbigay sa akin ng 200 pesos. Sabi lang daw sa kanya bigyan ako ng 200. Totoo pala yung mga ganun?! Na-amaze talaga ako how God provides! 🙂 Tapos tonight (January 29), dgroup namin sa Makati. Di na sana ako kakain ng dinner para di na ako gumastos. May long weekend pa ang January e. Hehe. Pero sabi ko kay Lord nagugutom ako. So sige, bili ng murang food. Nakapila ako to buy food sa mcdo tapos yung manong sa likod ko nagsabi kung pwede daw sya na magbabayad ng dinner ko. What?! Saan ka naman makakakita ng stranger asking you to pay for your dinner? This must be caused by God! Pero tiningnan ko din ang sarili ko kung mukha ba akong alam nyo na. Hindi naman. May bitbit nga akong reusable bag e. Haha! Ang sabi ko na lang, sige po, ok lang ako. Kahit wala naman talaga akong budget for dinner. Haha! Sabi nya, gusto nya daw kasi sana may makasabay sa pagkain. So sabi ko “sige po, bili na lang ako ng sa akin tapos sabayan ko na lang kayo mag dinner”. E di ok na. Sabi nya, “I insist. Ano bang order mo? Bibilhin ko na tapos maghanap ka na ng table.” So pumayag na ako. Nakaramdam na ako na divine appointment ito & provision from God. So tinuro ko yung upuan malapit lang sa cashier pero di table type kaya sabi ko sige po maghahanap lang ako ng table. Sabi ko, “Lord, divine appointment ito. Help me how to share the gospel to Him”. Nag pray ako. Dumating na sya. Ang bungad nya, ano daw ang ginagawa ko sa Makati. Ang sabi ko may Bible study kami. So yun na ang start. Tamang-tama Witnessing na ang topic namin sa dgroup so may dala akong God’s Way to Heaven. Pang sample ko sana sa kanila. Hehe. Maraming tanong si Manong pero he asked me if he can have the booklet so I gave it to him. Wala na tuloy akong sample sa dgroup. Haha! He gave his number & I asked him to try going to ccf alabang. Dun kasi sya malapit. Itinuro ko din yung website ng ccf sa likod nung God’s Way to Heaven booklet. God is so amazing! Nag-uumapaw ang aking joy how He can open doors & use us to share the Gospel if we are just willing. 😄 This also proves that nothing is impossible with God that even if the church cannot or will not help financially, He can ask strangers to do so. 😊 To God be all the glory & praise! I am in awe of His love and sovereignty. 😭🙌😊

Be Gracious to the Needy

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Lately, God has been teaching me to be gracious to the poor. He has been giving me opportunities to practice it. And I confess, I fail most of the time. That is why I found it necessary to write a blog for accountability. So that I will not forget the things God taught me.

I am not rich according to the standards of this world but there are those who are “poorer” than me. I can easily make an excuse that I do not earn my own living and are accountable to those who give to me. But it is so clear to me that God commanded us to love others as we love ourselves. Also, the Lord has been gracious and did not let me lack anything I need. So God’s way says give. And by faith, not worry about tomorrow. While the flesh, or our sinful nature, says keep my needs well provided. This is not easy but the joy of the Lord will be my strength. Please pray with me as I grow my heart for the needy and to battle its root, with the help of the Holy Spirit, which I really see as selfishness.

“Those who mock the poor insult their Maker; those who rejoice at the misfortune of others will be punished.” (Proverbs 17:5 NLT)

Not For Me

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Then Solomon said, “My father, David, wanted to build this Temple to honor the name of the Lord, the God of Israel. But the Lord told him, ‘You wanted to build the Temple to honor my name. Your intention is good, but you are not the one to do it. One of your own sons will build the Temple to honor me.’ (2 Chronicles 6:7-9 NLT)

I was confronted by this passage from the Bible that sometimes, however good your intention is, the Lord will not let it happen through you. Maybe some other time or even through another person but not in your time and definitely not through you.

But why does the Lord let this happen anyway? This happens to mold our character. Having this experience let me understand humility. That no matter how good your intentions and your plans figured out, the Lord’s plan still will prevail. This experience also leads to surrender and letting God take the wheel instead. A good way to practice full dependence on the Lord through prayer. This is a good reminder that God is always in control and never me.

On the other hand, if you refuse to see what the Lord is telling, and you refuse to give back the wheel to God, devastating things may happen. Pride that leads us to our foolish decisions will surely lead us into destruction. It will rob the peace and joy that you originally have and carries along exhaustion, bitterness and resentment. Horrific!

Thank you Lord for relentlessly reminding me of my sins whenever there is a blind spot. Thank you because I know that not for a moment will you forsake me. Thank you for your protection. And thank you that you never let me go through it all. ❤